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“26.2” My First Marathon Experence

Back in November when I finally decided to follow through with my goal of running a marathon like most people who decide to run, it had been almost 2-3 years in the making. I wish I could put my finger on it but it was simply a matter of time and I was tired of putting it off. I said I’m doing the LA Marathon this year and if I have any shot at it I have to start the training program now or wait til 2010 and I didn’t want to wait. So after Thanksgiving (that was intentional) I started my training program.

I knew if I wanted to complete this I needed to attach it to something beyond myself. My personal goal wasn’t enough to get me out of bed on Saturday morning to train. Therefore, I joined the AIDS Project Los Angeles National Marathon training program. I’d heard great things about the program and felt it was a worthy cause so figured why not. For almost 6 months straight every Saturday I was up at 7am and running on the beaches, streets and through the neighborhoods in Santa Monica. I can honestly say I’ve lived in LA all my life and never once before this did I wake up to go running on the beach. It was truly one of the experiences I missed. It sounds corny but seeing the sun over the Pacific in the early morning, feeling the sea breeze as you run, watching the city go from a quiet rumble to a full on roar was amazing!


Education: Late Bloomers

So it’s June 1st and the son, daughter, niece, nephew, hard-headed student in your life that didn’t heed your fall warnings/death threats about applying to college has decided to go to college. Don’t panic. While their options are limited they still exist and while you were right about the whole having a plan thing, now is not the time to point that out. They are going to need your help and here’s your chance to offer them something that will benefit you both.