Ray Lewis Missed an Opportunity to Tackle an Important Issue… But I Don’t

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In the wake of the protests against police brutality and the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis released a video meant to deter people who used the outcry as an opportunity to destroy property. The passion he brought to his Hall of Fame football career is there, but his rambling, out-of-touch commentary is missing almost every important historical aspect regarding why the protests and property destruction happened in the first place.

This is my take on what Ray was saying…


The Daily: Missing Baltimore Teen Coverage Bumped for Cheerleader, Fowl, Fish

“Day two, day three, when we were putting information out about Phylicia’s disappearance, we were talking about birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas and fish coming up dead in Maryland’s harbor,” Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department told CNN. “And this girl’s in danger. And she needs help. And it was very frustrating for my office to see an anemic response from our national media partners.”

Guglielmi told CNN that he and and the commander of the homicide unit had been prepared to go on CNN’s Nancy Grace but were bumped for an hour-long report on a missing Texas cheerleader.

Barnes was last seen around 1:30 p.m. the afternoon of December 28th, leaving the northwest Baltimore apartment of her stepsister, Deena Barnes. Dec. 28. Phylicia, who is from Monroe, N.C. had been spending the Christmas holidays with her stepsister.

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Al Sharpton seeks support for Black culture and art district in Baltimore

The Rev. Al Sharpton dropped by Baltimore on Monday to seek support for a fledgling plan to create a new arts district in the city to honor African-American cultural achievements.