[Photo] Role Models

The Huxtables were a weekly illustration and example of one way to be a Dad, businessman, career woman, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Grandson, Sister, Son in Law, etc. Though we often had these examples at home as well, they served as a great reminder of how great we could be.

With fond remembrances. Thank you Cliff and Clair.
-The Staff at ARU


Bill Cosby calls CNN to dispel Twitter rumors of his death

Bill Cosby made a maudlin call into Larry King Live last night to disprove reports of his own death, which circulated in certain Internet circles yesterday afternoon before achieving infamy as a Twitter trending topic. “I don’t want [whoever spread the rumor] to do this anymore, because this is my fourth time being reported [dead],” Cosby said in a phone interview with Kyra Phillips, who substituted for Larry King. Cosby said he found out about the rumor after receiving a frantic call from his daughter. “It’s no longer funny,” he concluded.