Warrantless Outrage

Spotted on Tito’s Blog

After CNN and other news outlets reported on the vile statements made by the Iranian president at the U.N. conference, I became curious as to what was said. After reading the transcript from the speech, I am reminded that American propaganda still exists. The speech is mild and truthful for the most part. Do you see any reason for outrage?


Nas on Fox x Colbert interview x Performance (O’Reilly wrap up)

After much bashing my fans and non-fans alike over the proposed album title Nas delivers on a shining moment. Slyfox, his song indicting Fox News network for racists spin is actually better Live than canned.

This one is hot for sure. I don’t think it makes up for showing up to the Grammy awards with 2 white girls wearing Ni99er shirts though… Your call.

Performance after the break…