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The ALT: Pictorial, “Last Night”

Lebron and Cleveland

It was a bad scene, man. Like a breakup happening all over again, but with dunks, an audience, points on the board…. all in your face!


Analyzing Reactions to “The Decision.”

I have been absolutely fascinated by the reaction to Lebron’s “Decision” … and how a month later people are still up in arms about it.  Every time I think the issue has been put to bed it comes back like a bill collector.  Last week, Charles Barkley noted that he wanted to make sure Lebron put him on the list of people taking shots at Lebron since “The Decision”, or the LeBacle or one of the other names the now infamous show goes by.

I’ve included the beginning of an article written by Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus the day after “The Decision”.  I think he makes some good points and shares a point of view similar to mine.

“LeBron James is currently the least popular-or at least most loathed-player in the NBA, and I suspect it would be difficult to explain this to someone like my grandmother who knows little about basketball.

A superstar player decided to take less money and sacrifice individual glory to try to win championships, but it’s not OK because he’s not having to work hard enough to win them, so they don’t count as much.

To announce his decision, he created a special TV program that wound up generating millions of dollars he donated to the Boys & Girls Club, but he’s a bad person because it was egotistical.