Recipe from the ShoeBox Oven: Amor & The Samurai

"Amor and the Samurai" A Mexican-Japanese sweet and spicy chocolate treat
"Amor and the Samurai" A Mexican-Japanese spicy chocolate

Though the bakery has closed, it’s memory lives on and many people (especially in the DC area) miss the artisanal pastries of the “tiny very merry bakery.” But they do not miss the joy of the bakery as much as me, the baker and former owner. Though waking at 11pm and baking until 6pm every day is not missed at all the creativity and kick I got from coming up with new recipes, naming them, baking them and then seeing my customers smile with pleasure when eating them is a feeling I’ll never be able to replicate again. Always wanting to share and please, I’m sharing a ShoeBox Oven favorite and hope you will enjoy the recipes too.

Description: It must be noted that I equate chocolate with love. I’m not talking about God’s love or family love. I’m talking about sticky, messy, passion-sloppy, shipwrecking, x-rated, heart-breaking, flashing lights kind of love. The kind that burns when you touch it, but you just got to touch it. Thus I came up with a recipe that reflects my kind of chocolate love. I definitely did not come up with the idea of chocolate with chilis. But ShoeBox Oven can be credited for giving the genre a sense of style and depth.

Amor & The Samurai is an unusually extraordinary mexican chocolate steeped in ground japanese chilis. Inspired by Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Amores Perros and Akira Kurosawa’s Sanjuro… as well as one of our favorite cartoons… Samurai Jack.