Notorious B.I.G.’s FBI murder case files released

More than 350 pages of FBI files will give those interested in the case plenty to pore over in the coming days. The files about the FBI’s 18-month investigation into Wallace’s slaying were released Thursday after Freedom of Information Act requests.

The files may not reveal much that is unknown about the case (in part because so much is redacted), but they are offering up juicy tidbits for fans (Biggie had an asthma inhaler. He believed in practicing safe sex.). The reports also highlight the FBI’s latest shiny, new venture online.


The First Black Corporation


What was the first Black corporation? Where did the Red, Black, and Green flag originate? Why did J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI recruit the first black agent to infiltrate this corporation? All these answers and more can be found by watching, American Experience: Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In The Whirlwind.