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Be Moore: Dead Man Walking

Bryndan “Be” Moore claims to know how he is supposed to DIE, and he’s hell bent on stopping it.

Sounds like science fiction right? Maybe an episode of Quantum Leap or Flash Forward. But spend a few minutes talking with Moore, and you’ll know he’s dead serious about changing this version of the future. Does he have what it takes to change his fate?

Dead Man Walking!

(Laughing) I guess so!

Health + Wellness

Scott Parker on Why Many Women Don’t Work Out

ARU Fitness trainer Scott Parker was recently the featured guest on an internet radio show “Survive 365: The Conversation.” He drops some key information and to-do’s for any person with a body (*ahem, that means you). Feel free to skip to the 10 minute mark to skip the excessive FAMU love and get to the content 😉 Well done Parker my son, I’ve taught you well.

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