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African Americans Lead the Field in High Blood Pressure. Here’s what to do…

Leading the Field

African Americans are genetically at a greater risk of developing High Blood pressure (hypertension) than other racial groups. It’s unknown exactly why, but African Americans also tend to have a high number of risk factors that can lead to high Blood pressure. Poor diet, high stress levels and increased salt intake are some of the factors that may lead to African Americans leading the Pack as far as High blood Pressure is concerned.

Some of the very serious side effects of high blood pressure left untreated are:

  • Vision Loss
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Kidney Damage

Trading old habits for new ones

In addition to the genetic factors, African Americans faced with lower socioeconomic status are directly affected by bad nutrition habits. Urban Grocery Stores just don’t have as much variety as their Suburban counter parts.

It’s one thing to not make the right food choices, another to not have healthy food choices available to you.

It may be unknown why African Americans are genetically more prone to develop High Blood Pressure, but thinking someone is going to take Healthy Preventive measures for you isn’t the way to go. African Americans should get their blood pressure checked, and find out if it runs in their family.

Knowing is half the battle