Rapper/Actor Ludacris goes on “Stay in School” community service tour

Ludacris talks to the kids of Thurgood Marshall High from Get Schooled on Vimeo.


High school cheerleaders protest “skimpy” uniforms

Several members of a high school cheerleading team are complaining that their new outfits are too skimpy.

The cheerleading squad at Central High School in Bridgeport says the uniforms show off too much of their midriff and say it hurts their self-esteem.

“I think they were a little too revealing,” said Shericka Jackson, the mother of a cheerleader.


Your Responses: Is The Big Check Really Worth It??

[Spotted on Roundup Russy’s Blog]

So I posted this question earlier today and you weighed in on the topic..”Is The Big Check Really Worth It?? For those who did not comment on the post on here is what you all had to say: