BlackBerry Vs. iPhone Experience

I describe myself as more “tech-curious” than “early adopter”. I like for my gadgets to be low maintenance, intuitive and then sleek – in that order.

Having been a BlackBerry user for a number of years, and then trying out the iPhone, I thought I could offer some perspective to those who are considering switching over.

To someone who has never used either device, you may find this piece extremely boring, as it is more technical than not, with none of my usual references to spirituality or meditation (well, with one exception at the very end of the review – of course).

When the new iPhone 3GS was released a couple of months ago, I was actually having some technical issues with my BlackBerry. My carrier (AT&T) offered to replace it, but instead I chose to see what all of the hype was about around the new iPhone. I dumped the BlackBerry with joy and got a shiny new, white 32 gig iPhone 3GS on 4th of July weekend.