Maysa: Incognito No More

They call her Maysa. Just Maysa. And for the past 20 years, this smooth jazz vocalist with the deep soothing tone has enjoyed a storybook career just shy of that Prince Charming ending. She was a member of the world renowned Morgan State University Choir under the direction of the late great Nathan Carter during her college years complete with travel abroad, television appearances, and best selling recordings. Within weeks of graduating, she became a part of Stevie Wonder’s backup ensemble, Wonderlove. (Ask her about riding in a car with Stevie driving). And a few years after musically supporting the “musical genius,” she was auditioned by telephone for lead voice in the British soul collective, Incognito. Hired on the spot, she was on a plane, $10 in her pocket, to record with the band in London within the week. The first single with the new vocalist, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” in 1992, gave Maysa immediate international recognition. She was 26.