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Judo Champ and MMA Fighter Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is On the Move

My name is…. Rhadi Bullard Ferguson.

The reason you’re reading about me is…Well the reason you’re reading about me is because I’m a graduate of Howard University two times. Once in 1997 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and again in 2002 with a Masters of Arts of Teaching; and because I went to Howard University and have some accomplishments in terms of going to the Olympics in 2004, in being a world class strength and conditioning coach, placing 2nd in the Brazilian Jujitsu World Championships and currently still in the mixed in the world of Mixed Martial Arts having started my pro career in 2010.

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Run Jamaica Run!

Let’s face it; we live in a competitive world with uneven playing fields. Most of us see the Olympic Games as an opportunity for the individuals to represent their country and themselves. Originally the Olympic Games was a test of speed, strength, and endurance; A test of human superiority. Track and Field is the embodiment of the Olympics. It provides the most equality. The richest king has no advantage over the poorest peasant when it comes to a foot-race.

Every night, we watch 8 athletes battle for supremacy. Runners from poor nameless countries go head-to-head with the superpowers of the world. For only a moment; class, ethnicity, income, and all other social measuring sticks mean nothing. We watch in awe as dreams are made and broken. We are inspired, entertained, and emotionally connected. A lifetime of dedication and discipline ultimately amounts to a photo finish. Each race is a new adventure. Will our fastest representatives validate our pride with a victory or teach us a lesson in humility with a hard fought loss?

Well…. Unless you’re Jamaican, it’s the later. Currently the titles of World’s Fastest Man and Woman are owned by residents of a small improvised island called Jamaica. Jamaica in its self is an oddity; A nation as small as the state of Connecticut has produced some of the world’s most influential people. The world has long admired the mind of Marcus Garvey, the soul of Bob Marley, and now let us marvel the bodies of the 2008 Jamaican Olympic Track Team.