America’s top High School talent choose HBCU’s

These days, Cheyenne Boyce is mulling many melodies.

The 17-year-old Cass Technical High School senior has been listening to classical recordings and constantly practicing her cello for an opportunity many musicians dream of: performing at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

This month, Boyce is set to join about 50 others from the Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music for a Manhattan Concert Productions series. But she won’t have any printed sheet music in front of her. When the Detroiter is onstage, she’ll play each piece from memory, as is standard. “It’s been difficult memorizing everything,” Boyce said. “It’s definitely challenging, but I’m working really hard at it. … I’m so excited.”

That drive is part of what led the teen to best some 500 applicants nationwide for the Tom Joyner Foundation “Full Ride Scholarship.” The award covers full tuition, room and board and books for up to 10 semesters at the historically black college she chooses to attend.

The group, founded by nationally broadcast radio show host Tom Joyner, has raised more than $55 million to help students attend black colleges.

Its third scholarship winner, Boyce has a 4.0 grade point average and ranks first in her graduating class. She’s been accepted at Howard University and Spelman College, but still is deciding which to attend.

“Cheyenne is an outstanding student who has worked hard to become the No. 1 student at one of Detroit’s most competitive schools,” said Joyner, who interviewed her on his show Monday.

Besides playing with Suzuki, she also is in Cass Tech’s symphony orchestra; studies Japanese and is in several advancement placement courses; volunteers at a recycling center; is vice president of her school’s National Honor Society; and sings in the choir at Grace Episcopal Church in Detroit.

She also takes dance classes at Marygrove College and spent two years with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Youth Ensembles.

“She’s an extremely hard worker,” said her mother,


Drive One For Your HBCU


Hey family,
I hope by now you’ve watched my involvement with FORD and have been entertained by the videos that I’ve been producing with the FORD FiestaMovement. After speaking with some reps realized how much buying power we have, they wanted to let me know about another initiative they are running that directly effects all of us.


Tom Joyner speaks out on giving back to Black Schools

We’re gonna keep pushing this thing until YOU carry your hind-parts to the dealership and drop off that form! fill out the form, print it, go to ANY Ford dealer and THEY will donate $25 for YOUR HBCU or choice.


Rattler’s Driving for THEIR HBCU

Shot at FAMU Homecoming 2009: The team is making SURE we don’t leave not one red cent on the table with the Ford campaign. How ELSE can you raise money for your school WITHOUT pulling out your checkbook???


Alumni Roundup Working with Tom Joyner Foundation to Support Outstanding Students

TJF students

Hey Family I just wanted to share with you a cool project we are happy to be a part of and suporting through our Homecoming activities. We are currently pushing this effort through our programming at Howard Hoemcoming but soon hope to garner support via all of the Roundup networks of alumni.

Giving is cool.