Album Review: Ice Cube “Raw Footage”

“A lunatic, y’all know what I represent/ the only rapper who wanna fist fight the president”

– “It Takes a Nation of Millions”

Rapper turned actor O’Shea Jackson b.k.a Ice Cube has taken some time out of his busy movie schedule to deliver his latest album “Raw Footage” which is definitely classic Ice Cube material. He’s just as raw, uncompromising, and unapologetic as ever in delivering this album that should make longtime Ice Cube fans very pleased and (hopefully) gain him a new fan or two.


The Dark Knight

Jack who???


N.E.R.D – “Seeing Sounds” – Album Review

Music Review: N.E.R.D – “Seeing Sounds”

N.E.R.D (Nobody Ever Really Dies) returns with their 3rd studio album “Seeing Sounds” which is an appropriate title. Although classified as alternative, N.E.R.D really does an amazing job blending a bunch of genres from rock, hip-hop, R&B , and electronic (among others) to create a listening experience that will undoubtedly have all who are bold enough to go on this journey with them, SEEING SOUNDS. The album cover is very clever as well showing the three man band of Pharrell, Chad, and Shay standing with their backs to the audience looking up at a King-Kong sized gorilla who is roaring; truly a definition of seeing sounds if there ever was one.