[Discussion] Black Masculinity: Barack and Curtis

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  1. This piece stresses the crucial foundation that parenting lays for a culture, and how critical fatherhood and mentoring are in the proper development of manhood. Notice the absence of reference to ethnicity.

    What do I mean? The contrasting images cast by Sen. Obama and 50 cent — and the impact of those images on how black men are seen by themselves and others — are the center of the film’s discussion. Within a viable cultural context, boys are raised by mothers, fathers and extended family with common cultural values and priorities. So the men know who they are, and what’s important to their family and their community. The boys know that what’s important to the men should be important to them. They learn about the past, and what is important for the future. They understand their role in society.

    In such a cultural context, when men are presented with images, they base their judgments on the relevance of those images to their cultural imperatives. They accept leaders and role models based largely upon how well they can advance those cultural imperatives.

    There are many black families and black societies that have operated this way for a long time. However, as we know, most black families do not, and have not since we landed on these shores. Only when that recognition reaches a broad enough cross section of our population, will the cultural and societal maladies that manufacture images like 50 cent be a part of our past and not our present.

  2. Such a discussion needs to be required at the dinner tables and higher learning institutions around the world. Black men are an under appreciated resource that must be restored to its proper place. I pray this discussion evolves the mindsets within our community as we individually determine the truth about manhood!

  3. How can anyone say that black masculinity is been a thug and anything else is less than a that.What does the “WORD” (Bible) say about manhood.We must remember there are millions of males worldwide that society has labeled as men, but in essence they are just still males of legal age.A twelve year old boy can produce a child;does that make him a man? It is a process from going from male to man and millions upon millions of males including myself have missed that boat.Just because 50 cents had to grow up on his on and raps about his thug life does not make him are any other male in his position more masculinity or manly than that male who is Harvard educated.We need to rethink about black masculinity and manhood.Two million male prisoner in US prison and the majority is us.

  4. I’m so sick and tired of folk acting as though Black men are different from other men. No we are not. We are not morally inferior to others and we are not morally superior. If their is a difference it can be marked in our experiences. But I promise you their are White boys who live in the hills of Appalachia who are more thugged out than 50 cent. Their are Black men we all know who attended Howard who are more Republican than George DUBYA.

    Stop fucking examining me.

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