Here’s what they think about you…

We spotted this on Ed the World Famous’ Blog:

Not a whole lot of commentary necessary, except:


And that premise is the basis for how they will treat your kids when they are away from you. We’ve got a lot of work to do people.

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  1. Please dont waste our time putting such stuff on Roundup we know it out there but so what. We can make fun of them too! Put up something productive to help make money or business for us PLEASE – all the education but why spend it to make people upset at the same old same old.

  2. This is so stupid. It’s so funny how intimidated they are of us and our success. Why would he waste his time being concerned about a damn “black tech blogger”? His lame ass attempt at depicting our interests in only car stereos, cell phones, and mp3 players as being a reason to be a “tech blogger” is laughable.

  3. This looks like some of the video blogs that I see on youtube. It’s sad, but that means that we who have been blessed by higher education need to make sure that our young people don’t act this way. I’ll bet if you showed this to a random group of teens they would find it funny, and see nothing wrong. Many of our young people do not realize the fact that they are laughing at them, not with them.

  4. if this was a chapelles skit the responses wld be LOL. dont get mad at white folks when they comment on the perversion in our communities. im used to seeing folks glorify these images on mty, bet and in eveyday convo. when someone comes along and makes a saitre of it, can we really be mad. use the anger of this insult to get on our game and do better!

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