How is it in 2009 that PIRATES still exist to shake up the US?

[Spotted on BRU. Ope says:]

I am still reeling!
I have been watching all kinds of news and footage about this issue for a minute and I am perplexed at how this could happen to the US.

Now that the captain of the ship has been freed Somali pirates vow revenge.
I am just like wow… are you serious?
When the life boat was an issue I thought this is not a good world message being sent out about the US Military ability. I just found out that the boats don’t carry weapons and these pirate took them hostage with old but very powerful weapons… I can’t remember if they were Uzi’s or what but I could not believe that because of liability insurance they rather pay of ransoms?

What is the point of them “guarding the coast” if they really can’t?
I am glad the captives were freed…

What do you think of all this?

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