BEST, BEST Beauty Products

The very best beauty products are hard to find. Lucky for you, I’ve found them all.

Best Nail Polish: Essie

As someone who has been painting fingernails since the fourth grade, I believe I know a thing or two about nail polish. I used to be a huge fan of the OPI brand for its vast array of color selection. Now, I pledge my allegiance to Essie. It applies smoothly and evenly, dries quicker than other brands, and lasts longer without chipping. While it lacks the multitude of crazy color selections as its counterparts, it makes up for it in quality. It usually retails for $7.50 and is available at Ulta.

Best Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash ® Washable Mascara

Make -up artists around the world swear by this magical concoction on a wand. Maybelline Great Lash ® Washable Mascara is the absolute best mascara that is cost effective. It will give your lashes just the right amount of product without clumping or stickiness. I love how I can spend $3.50 on a beauty product that gives me a total eyelift. It usually lasts for a good three months before you’ll need to toss and replace. This product is usually available in most drug stores around the country.

Best Eyeshadow: Vasanti Cosmetics

My dear Aunt who is currently undergoing “Make-up Addiction” therapy introduced me to Vasanti Cosmetics products several years ago. Since then, I’ve become an addict myself. Created by three South Asian/Canadian women who developed this makeup line for women who actually have pigment in their skin. The eyeshadows are rich in color, blends well with other colors and stays on for the duration of the day. I am almost running out of my pot of eyeshadow and I fear going into withdrawal. A pot will set you back $15.00 (plus shipping fees as it is not sold in stores in the USA), but it is definitely worth it.

Best Blush: Bobbie Brown

I will be the first to admit that I’ve made the mistake of walking out of the house looking like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer with intensely colored cheeks. That was then. Now, I highlight my cheeks with Bobbi Brown’s blush. Unlike most blushes that tend to stand out, Bobbi Brown’s blushes blend and highlight your natural beauty without looking overdone. Most of her shades are neutral, which is imperative for a natural look. Blushes generally run $55.00

Best Lipstick: Nars

I normally shy away from lipsticks and I usually stick with lip glasses, but this lipstick has me breaking up with my glossy friend. Nars provides the most reliable coverage I have yet to experience. It’s comes in three textures in many colors: Satin, Semi-Matte, and Sheer. The key to good lipstick is how well it applies and how long it stays. Me and my gloss were just friends, now I’m in a serious relationship with Nars and you should consider one too. $22.00 a stick at

Best Sunscreen Lotion: MD Skincare ® Powerful Sun Protection

Just because “Good Black Don’t Crack” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin. My face’s bodyguard is MD Skincare ® Powerful Sun Protection. It has a 45 SPF and although it retails for $42 a bottle, you’ll only need a small dab daily. A bottle can last up to a full year. There’s always someone watching your back, but if you don’t have someone to watch your face, then this product is imperative for you .

Best Tweezers: RUBIS Swiss Tweezers

No other tweezers has extracted the smallest unwanted hair than this one. It was named for the Swiss watchmakers who used tweezers to place ruby stones into watch movements. With its stainless steel pointed-slant tip, this is one of my favorite beauty products ever. It normally retails for $35.00, but is offering it for $29.50. Grab it quick and hit delete on those uni-brows!

Best Make-Up Remover: Neutrogena

If you are sleeping with your make-up on then SHAME ON YOU! The first step to beauty is to take care of your own. Gently remove your make-up and wash your face every evening. Neutrogena’s oil-free eye makeup remover is one of my favorites because it is not harsh like other alcohol-filled make up removers. After swabbing make-up off, your skin will feel like you’ve washed it in soft baby oil. Which is so ironic that it feels so silky smooth when its oil free! This product is a required beauty staple for the make -up bag. It retails for about $6.00.

I have found the very best of beauty products, but if you’ve found yourself then you’ll know the best, best of all beauty starts from the inside.

How you gon’ win if you ain’t right within?

~Lauryn Hill

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  1. I love these types of lists and I especially love that you listed vasanti cosmetics – a lesser known line (at least in the states)! I’d love to see more info on mineral makeup lines and the benefits of them over the brands we traditionally know about. There are so many women of color using Mary Kay and Avon and it pains me to see it! (As a makeup artist and esthetician, I see what the trends are still). We need to know about our other options:).

    I’ve written an article on why I like minerals ( and I am an all-the-time advocate of getting our communities more and better information on how to easily make the switch to more holistic living (food choices, cleaning choices, cosmetic choices, etc) – other communities have it all over and I want us to as well!

    If I can help in ANY way, PLEASE do let me know!



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