Ode to Chet Kincaid – America’s Dad

Over the past couple years the rants of Bill Cosby have been the fuel for more than enough debates in the barber shops, chat rooms, and our dinner parties. Most notably his wagging finger incrimination of black parents has become the line in the sand on which many of us have been forced to choose a side.

In the end I don’t believe too many Black Professionals disagree with Cosby’s comments, though we part ways on his choices of venue for delivery (college graduations, fund-raising galas, etc).
Review a little of Mr. Cosby’s video history. We’re comfortable giving him the honorary position of “America’s Dad.”

Sit here until you finish

Cos On Parenting

We all know Dad’s aren’t always right, but is he right this time?

Where do you stand on the issues Cos raises?

And once we know where we stand, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?


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  1. The People’s Scholar huh? How is Bill suppose to confront the institutions that elicit negative behavior in black children? Children are products of their parents, the very people that Bill speak to. As a former teacher the only thing I can say to the People’s Scholar is Circum Locution-Let me know when he hits his target.

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