Origins of AIDS

The following documentary claims that HIVAIDS was created by European scientists who were researching a Polio Vaccination. This Vaccination was forced upon millions of Africans living in the Congo and has spread exponentially since the late 1950’s. The video is long but worth it.
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  1. I saw this documentary at last year’s National Black Arts Festival Pan-African Film Festival and if anything, you will see how effortlessly African people have been treated as guinea pigs in the past and present. Whether you believe this is how AIDS began or not you need to see how easy it has been and is to make decisions that can injure and destroy many many lives. There is another documentary called The AIDS Chronicles: Here to Represent. If you would like to further educate yourself about some realities facing the black community in the present. I run an HIV/AIDS prevention initiative myself and I wish more of my people knew what I know. I think you would protect yourself more. I think you would try harder to diversify your pleasure seeking extra curricular activities. There are many safe options. Ask me and I’ll tell you.

  2. fantastic documentary makes hell a sense … very important point scientists did not intentionally create the virus … it found its way into the human population through contamination and sloppiness.

  3. I never believed the story that AIDS came from an animal in Africa.. there was no substantive proof, only theory, and have been waiting for another explanation, such as this one. Africans are blamed for everything else (crime, grime, and immorality), so AIDS was included. Thank you for providing an alternate.

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