President Obama Comments on Skip Gates’ Arrest… so do I

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the arrest of Harvard Professor Skip Gates in his Cambridge, MA home earlier this week. There’s no doubt that there will be backlash for weeks on this issue.

Let’s play out what the crux of the issue likely is. The police officer asked Gates for ID from outside the house, and being that he was already in the house after forgetting his key, Gates was likely already annoyed. He swings the door open revealing his portrait over the fireplace, 3 Emmy awards, and a bust of him standing next to Lionel Ritchie and the officer still demands ID (ridiculous). Did he get loud? Probably (“Why, because I’m a black man in America?”!). The situation is annoying, and he’s already on edge. However there was a report from a neighbor (they must not be friends) about a potential break in. Maybe Gates was standing in a shadow and was unrecognizable from a distance. Hey, I’d hope my neighbor would call or come check things out or whatever.

At the end of the day he was arrested for “loud and tumultuous behavior in a public space” which basically means “mouthing off to a cop where other people could hear”. That’s the real crime. Stepping on the rep of the man.

Check out the video. If there is one thing that’s for sure is that The President’s politics and stance are easy to understand and entertaining to listen to.

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  1. I agree 100%. Regardless of if he was “loud” once Prof. Gates showed the office his ID, the guy should have said thank you and rolled out. Oh, and since when is your private home “public property”?

  2. hmmm… while I appreciate our President’s stance… I think he could have chosen better words… simply put, he still represents the good ol’ U. S. of A., and his comment seemed a tad bit, what’s the word? can’t think of the word, so let’s just go with “unpresidential” … *twisting my face* I mean, I agree with your assessment for the most part, I just think that because he is on the “front line” so to speak, he has to be a tiny bit more careful….

  3. First, lets look at the facts people! just like the President you all are Not looking into the facts or read the entire police report and are jumping on this racial train, without ANY facts. This officer got a call from his dispatcher about a possb. burglary in progress. He arrived at the location and was approached by the caller herself, who pointed to the home. She gave the officer the information she told 911. He told her to stay back as he went to the home. Their he found a male in the foyer of the home, he does not know who he is. He states Sgt……..Police Department, show me your hands and do you have ID. NOW he is were it took off. The prof. said he wasnt showing him anything, why he was messing with him cause he was a black man!! The sgt. tried to inform him why he was called to the home, then the prof walked over picked up the phone and called somebody, and said get the chief on the line. Then told the officer he didnt know who he was messing with! The Sgt again asked sir do you have any ID, remember he was in the foyer–The prof then produced a Harvard ID. The officer turned to walk out, and the Prof started up again, about a black man in america, asked him for his badge and name. The officer was walking out the door, other officers were now on the scene to, including two black officer’s. The prof. then started shouting to the people that gathered on the sidewalk see this what they do to a black man in america, This is how is mother raised him, got help her. He was told to please quite down, twice. Third time he got arrested. Then he shouted ohhh I am disabled and cant walk without my cane. The sgt. then had him uncuffed from behind and cuffed in front. Then asked him where his cane was, got the cane. Then waited on someone from Harvard maintance to come secure his home..
    The Prof. with all all his education acted like a 2yr old child. He could have told the officer his door was broke and showed him is ID. End of story..

    All this other crap and lies, that he has now inflamed the NATION is wrong. I dont give a damm who he is.. HE WAS WRONG..The president should have keep his mouth closed, and let the facts come out. This Sgt. was the racial profile trainer, and the first one to put his lips on len Bias (for those who remember) when he collasped.

    People dont be so quick to judge, when you dont have all the facts. !!
    go read the police report for you self.

    Nevermind thank you neighbor for looking out for you house!
    nevermind the quick response by the police to catch a criminal from ripping you off!!



  4. I totally agree with “black police officer who would have done the same damm thing”. I know that there is alot of racism in this country and I have seen it first hand on many occasions. However, I have also been attacked by people while I tried to do my job and help them. The fact that I’m a black man made no difference. The fact that I’m a cop means to some people that I’m the enemy. The problem is not the professor and his ignorant behavior, but rather how quickly we as blacks tend to rally around any loud mouth that gets arrested before we ask any questions.

    The truth of the matter is the officer did a good job and resonded to a dangerous situation alone! He’s still a man with feelings and pride just as anyone else. We as officers are required to take alot, but why is that? Why are we expected to never get angry even when we’ve dedicated our lives to taking risks for perfect strangers? Why are we expected to have no problem with being threatened, spat upon, have our families insulted and threatened? Why is the country so suprised when we have emotion?

    I can’t say that the officer was perfect, however, this problem was an ignorant man with a great deal of education. The sooner we begin to see truth for what it is, the sooner we will be able to move our race forward.

    I was taught that excuses are tools of incompetence and there is no excuse for the way the Professor acted in this situation. He should be ashamed of himself.


    Another black officer that would have done the exact same thing!!!

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