Something you’ll see only in New York City!

Is it a metaphor for the music industry turning Black Music into something seemingly cute and cuddly but actually much more perverted and dangerous? Or is it just a random moment in the weirdest and most eclectic city on the planet? Watch the video and you decide.

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  1. Maybe… he had always enjoyed the music at that subway stop and wanted to somehow participate in the fun. But did not know quite how to do it. And he remembered he had that dolphin suit in his closet collecting dust. And just maybe he thought, “That’s it! This is how I can participate! And doesn’t everybody want to ride a dolphin?!” So that next morning he put on that dolphin suit and made a sign and went down to the subway to join the performers…. Maybe that is what happened. Maybe….

  2. I think I’ve seen these guys on the train coming home from Yankee Stadium. Not the train platform, mind you. The actual train. As I recall, they board with folding chairs so the two drummers can sit, then they play as a few stops go by, with the horn player and the rattle/shaker guy walking up and down, collecting money.

    If it is indeed the same people playing in the station here, then the dancing lady probably isn’t with them, just be a passer-by who felt like getting down for a minute. The dolphin suit guy is definitely a passer-by with someplace else to go where that costume constitutes appropriate attire.

    Also, for the record, we’re totally normal here in New York. It’s the rest of you who are weird (C;

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