Is it the woman’s fault if she doesn’t …finish?

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Yep, it is a discussion I am having with a male friend of mine, we totally disagree! Is it the woman’s fault if she doesn’t have an orgasm or is it all on the men? I think it is the man’s fault. Men can’t assume every woman is the same, or will respond to his touch the same way. He says it is our fault, cause if the brother isn’t doing it for us, we need to show/tell him. And if we don’t show him, it is on us.

P.S. Do men fake orgasms?

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  1. So, um, don’t tell my folx that I’m getting some….but, here’swhat I believe. If it is to be, it’s up to me! I used to think that it was his fault if I didn’t get mine, but a I have gotten in the 30 and Over Club, I realize that having an O is all on me! Now, I’m of the mindset that I’ma get mine even if he don’t get his…..Off to say my Hail Mary….and pray the rosary!

  2. It’s a two way street. The mark of a good lover is doing all you can to please the person you’re with. A woman that knows her own body and can express her desires and needs to a man definitely has a better chance of ‘getting hers’. Still, that man needs to be all about pleasing her and vice versa. If both of y’all are just trying to get your own thing off and not concerned with your partner, it’s not as satisfying even if you do.
    Comfort in expressing yourself comes more naturally when you actually know more about the person you’re with outside of the bedroom. That goes for both men and women. So for all the brothers that like to get it quick with the new chick…ya don’t know how good you could be getting it if you take a little more time to learn that woman first. Peace

    P.S. Don’t tell my folks I’ve done the do either lol. And I actually have a few guy friends that told me they faked it with a few women lol. Don’t know all the reasons why. Maybe to save face??

  3. I don’t even like the word fault. I think if the two people concentrate on each other (Give and ye shall Receive) they will do the best they can do. Does that me that every woman you are with will O all the time… I think not. Some woman it is like a battle and not because they don’t want to. But I’m from the old school of “South Hall” thinking… By any means necessary.

    The PS…. Yep I know I’ve faked it before. But only after she got hers. 🙂

  4. .. I used to think “If she is just as into this as I am then she will climax with and or before me” .. It wasn’t till in my older years that I started asking questions .. now its more like “What do you want me to do lil momma” … ??? Lol ..

  5. Well……I do believe it is up to the woman to get there. Where it is true that men sometimes come with the same approach with every woman they encounter, If a woman doesn’t know what she likes and where she likes, how can she communitcate with him what her needs are? Here’s where I’m going to straddle the fence. Some say that self-pleasure could help her get to know “herself” and be more open and understand her own body. While at HU I was with a man that helped me find “mine”. It wasn’t about length, girth, color…..the things I once thought. While in missionary, he encouraged me to “go get it”, for a lack of a better way to say it. Let me just say, I never had to look for it again. In my case, my man’s job is easy…….I just show him where to go. and presto

  6. Yes I believe it is up to the woman if she gets the big “O” or not. The best way to practice – masturbation (as Vbaybay said). That IS the best way to find out what YOU like! You have to tell him what you like…….and if you don’t know yourself, its like the blind leading the blind. You may get one, you may not – but to be sure he’s going to get his!
    Since I’ve spent some “alone” time with myself, I know exactly what to tell my guy to get me going……and because of this I’m guaranteed to get at least four while he gives me oral pleasure and no less than three when he gives me the “d!” Oh, another plus is being in your 30s. Can you say MULTIPLE orgasms – I thought that was just for tv! My baby has me not wanting to go to work in the mornings – and YES he is on his way over now! So I’ve gotta go – GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!

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