The Implications of Merging HBCU’s with Majority Institutions

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This is a larger discussion than the scope of any of our individual institutions, and there are some direct fingers pointed at Alumni regarding financial support.   This is a great topic to discuss as a National HBCU Alumni body.

What are your thoughts?  What action items would be prudent?

George Crawford Wrote…

There is a proposal being discussed in Georgia that calls for the merger of two state supported HBCUs with a HWU and a HW Community College.

Please visit the following links for learn more:
Lawmaker suggests merging historically black colleges…

Lawmaker Suggests HBCU, Majority School Merger

UNCF President: Preserve Publicly Funded HBCUs

Please pay close attention to the arguments in support of the mergers. I have heard these arguments before – when the state of Mississippi attempted to merge a HBCU with a HWCU.

If the proposal becomes reality, what would be the implications for all state supported HBCUs nationwide? What would be the implications for our beloved A&T?

As a young man, I remember hearing Aggies discuss their fears of “THE MERGER” – that is A&T being merged into UNCG – thus establishing UNCG East and West. Is this a far fetched concept?

The intent of this topic is to stimulate a much need conversation. It is not the intent of this topic to stimulate unfounded fear among the Aggie Family.

Aggie Pride!


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