“Technology is Dehumanizing People” – Busta Rhymes

Spotted on Roundup Russy’s Blog

When recently interviewed backstage at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, Busta went into his frustration with technology. I chose not to include the video because he got VERY excited and used a lot of profanity!

He went in by saying:
If me and my dude are in the hotel on the road on tour and we have connecting rooms, so he doesn’t have to go out in the hallway to speak .. the dude [with no one in the room] starts texting me!!

“The computer has made people lazy, the computer has made people interact less, ITS DEHUMANIZING PEOPLE HOMIE”

“Because now when the same dude who sent the text and I misinterpret what I’m reading because I can’t feel what his real intent was…. Now I respond wrong and by the time I see dude its like…
Yo.. what the **&@ you was talking about in that text!?!?”

Dude: “Nah homie I wasn’t trying to say nothing **&@ed up, you misunderstood”
Busta: ” I wouldn’t have misunderstood you if you had called my phone!!”

“Human Life and interaction has become secondary, I don’t respect that”

So I understand Busta’s point because there are a lot of times now when I text instead of making a call like I used to in the past. There are times that I express myself through channels like this and Status and Twitter updates instead of speaking to someone one on one. But I think this is just the way of the times. Sending out an update reaches alot more people in a short matter of time. Sending a text becomes more convenient because you may be multitasking and can’t spare the mental capacity to loose focus on something else.. (as I am texting right now..lol).

What do you think? Are Twitter updates, Status Updates and Social Media Sites dehumanizing? do you feel yourself calling or seeing your close friends less?


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  1. This is not at all what I expected the article to be about. I was expecting a Busta Rhymes music video.

    I think tech has given us the power to connect with MORE people in a smaller way in most cases. So yes the connection may be "less meaningful", but is counterbalanced by the number of people we touch. Everything has its place. I wouldn't make the mistake of being left behind by technology. History has forgotten the stories of the civilizations buried by those who embraced change.


  2. I guess it's a trade-off. Quantity for quality. We are able to speak to people known and unknown all over the world instantly but we use the the same method of communication to speak to people in the next room. Times have changed. I wonder if all this written communication increased literacy?

  3. I'm kinda with Busta on this one. Technology has definite benefits, but it has its downsides too. Communication is upwards of 85% non-verbal (body language, voice inflection, etc.) so its no wonder that he & his dude have misunderstandings when he only gets 15% of the message via text. Personally, I'd rather have strong connections to a few folks than a lot of shallow connections with the multitudes. The folks that follow your "Tweets" probably won't be there when you need somebody to "ride" with you.

  4. I also agree with Busta when he says it makes folks lazy too. Before "spell check", I was a virtual walking dictionary. Spelling Bee king. Now I can't spell Jack. Did I get that right? ;o) I also read an article that noted that since instant replay has been implemented in the NFL & NBA, referees actually get MORE calls wrong. I think it's the same reason I can't spell anymore. You don't have to be tight because you have a crutch. In other words, I think some forms of technology enable/ encourage laziness.

  5. To answer the original question, I have a love/ hate relationship with this particular form of technology. To a certain degree, I believe it is dehumanizing us. I find that I don't speak with my close friends as much, but this same technology has allowed me to reconnect with folks that I was not sure I would ever communicate with again. Love/ hate. What to do?

  6. Yeah! He's kinda right. But wow! A man who drops more dehumanizing N-BOMBS on his people is talking about technology doing it. Busta! Stop unnecessarily using n-bombs on your recordings.

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