The Daily: Dorothy Counts and the others before us. Shake That Load Off #Liberation

Dorothy counts, one of four black students chosen to integrate various high schools in north carolina. Dorothy counts was taunted by, spit on, and harassed by other white classmates during her first four days of school 50 years ago on september 4, 1957.

Photos via Black-Vintage

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  1. Greetings,
    In 1957, I was a 14 year-old part of another minority in the Deep South town of Little Rock, Arkansas. It was my first year at Central High and, in fact, I grew up across the street from the school next to the old gas station. My parents were divorced and my mother worked in the administrative offices of the Little Rock School Board on Louisiana St.
    I was part of a hard core group of white kids who fully supported Ernest Green and the other 8 kids in their efforts. There were others throughout the school including Jess Matthews, the Principal and Mrs. Huckabee acting as what was then called the Girls’ Principal and other adults as well, my own mother included.
    It was the first time I was called a “Nigger Lover” but it certainly wasn’t the last.
    Many people of both races were aware that it was time for a change and it WAS traumatic for all concerned but there was no other choice to be made. There were also many folks of both races who thought it was all a huge mistake.
    We always see these pics of these idiots acting like some base degenerates while following one lone black female; there’re other pics of that not being the case. There’re other pics showing black and white students mixing together peacefully.

    The news industry runs on controversy and sensationalism; it always has and always will, and until folks start realizing that again, they will continue to be rocked back and forth by the Fourth Estate’s grandstanding. The violence and ‘loonies’ do occur and ARE amongst us but there are more of US than there are of them and our stories need to be told also.

    When’s the last time you heard a ‘Good News’ broadcast….; ‘Never’ you say? Well…., it ain’t because there ain’t none.


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