“Get over it!” The N-Word Discussion

Ok folks, we’ve got to talk this one out. Although I can appreciate the fact that we can have these discussions, I’d prefer that they have some folks on who would articulate the problem well. Sheryl spoke her mind but Hill and Al were curiously silent. I’m sure a major part of it was simply the editing. What is NEVER brought up is the disparity in education. The perspective of one of the women on the screen was that Black people could do more if we just tried a little harder. This perspective is totally devoid of any sense of history or any respect for the effects of the Slavery Holocaust.

Black people on the whole are still 400 years behind in America, and it’s due to America’s failure to address the generations of brainwashing inflicted upon the enslaved.

How can a person try harder when as far back in his ancestry he can access his people have all been failed by the educational system, socially outcast, and denigrated. He doesn’t even KNOW to want more, or even have a good sense of what a good “MORE” to want is!

How can you vilify such a person?

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  1. “… if they try harder.” is the new “Some of my best friends are black!”.

    I’m hearing this more and more lately in interviews from some whites who try to justify their bigotry. The truth is – they wouldn’t appreciate a black person who, not only “tried harder” but, actually ACHIEVED something. Obama is a perfect example of this and even a blind man could see that if Barack was a white male, this election would be over. So what are some white people REALLY saying?

    As far as the N-Word goes, it has personally played out for me. I get frustrated sometimes and slip but I’ve changed since I’ve grown older. My friends still use it and I’m not offended. However, I just want to elevate and encourage my brothers and sisters to do the same by helping each other think higher of ourselves.

  2. Well where do i began. First, i am compelled to say that language and it’s restriction are mehanisms of oppression. The use of the word Nigger, only reminds niggas that at some time ago we were denigrated by its usage. Do we ask Jews to forget or “get over” their history, struggle HOLOCAUST. If any people are to truly OVERCOME they must continually be aware of that which they are overcoming. So, if we homogenize our speech then we have further oppressed our selfs in the matter of individual expression. Why, must we be the expected to rectify the evil, why must it come from us? Two reasons. First, oppression can only be fought and conquered by the oppressed. Second, because it will keep us talking and intellectualizing, trivializing the matters related to our survival and ability to thrive. This is the real matter.Survival. Because if we got our minds right then our children could handle these discusssions because we would have educated them in the matters that would produce their liberation. As it stands we imitate and emulate or dehumnized captors and struggle to be like them and be free from them. In the information age why are we so uninformed. Get, the facts and then get motivated. The red pill or the blue pill.
    We need power. Knowledge is power only if it liberates. There are no bad words. Niggas, is ‘spose to be mad that they are oppressed. Does anyone believe that refraining from the use of the word will lead to our liberation. I think i’ve said enough.
    Now as for the girl that said all black people need to do is try a little harder.
    This is indicative of the divide between the privileged and the oppressed. Slave descedants, you can not hide. Unlike lighter complected peoples, you will always be visually identifiable, save a few. Build up your strength, and create a legacy of humanity. Educate and train yourselves in every way.

  3. I always hated the word and never used it commonly. Listen to what Sharpton was talkin about. I am glad that Mooney and the lady comedian got on board. It is not respectful to use the word. The excuse of turning a negative into a positive doesn’t fly with me. They used the analogy of slaves turning scraps into a good meal. We are not slaves anymore. So why eat slave food? We are not slaves anymore. So why use slave laguage? We are more free than in the 50s and segregation. Our language should reflect that. Especially in public. Our people, and others, will go out of their way to justify it. I can’t stand rappers making money off that word. Not using the word will not liberate us in any big way but respecting yourself and your people is a good place to start. You don’t see other non-white groups using demeaning terms toward their own. If they do, they don’t make records of it for the whole world to buy. Would you call your mother a b!^(% or a ho in an effort to empower her or remove the stigma of the word? Why not? Think people, think!

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