HBCU Sports: Whats the Missing Link?

Today marks the 38th annual Bayou Classic and for the 3rd year in a row, they have announced the “Lowest Attendance in History” with a little over 40K attendees. This is not rarity in Classics, Homecomings and even general regular season scheduled games in all HCBU sports.

What is the missing link?

Please share your thoughts below in the comment section and lets discuss change.

One response to “HBCU Sports: Whats the Missing Link?”

  1. Black college alumni do not support there schools especially not like two or three generations ago. I mean many us do not contribute to any program financially even when our employers will do a matching contribution. We expect corporate dollars to do the work. Now because we earn more than those two proceeding generations we are afraid to give of ourselves. I know we have to fund our kids educations now for the private schools they attend. We are unable to pay it forward because of the iPad or iPhone we recently purchased. Then again I could be wrong. I have giving back sometime via the Gold Helmet club and the Dean’s discretionary fund to two different universities both of which are tax deductible. Last but not least we will finance a trip out of the country and wonder how and the hell will I pay it back. Just keeping it real Roundup Russ!

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