Homeless at Howard: An Alumni Discussion

Homeless at Howard

Homeless at Howard

Listen in on this wide reaching conversation between concerned Howard University Alumni, and HBCU advocates: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, and hosted by Be Moore.

The issues addressed reach far into the social implications of the global responses to the issue as well as concerns moving forward.

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8 responses to “Homeless at Howard: An Alumni Discussion”

  1. My main thing is: if someone from the neighborhood or even the school, had gotten in and sexually assaulted, robbed or killed someone in that dorm due to this young man’s immaturity then what?………….security is not something to play with…………….
    secondary: was this young man told just minutes before he had to move? did he not sign a lease/promise note/scholarship papers that stated he WOULD follow the rules?…………..if you sign then you can’t be blind………..

  2. This young man is a selfish individuals. You know damn well not to leave a door open. This student is wrong on all levels. His selfish actions could have caused a student or students to killed or be assaulted which is unacceptable. He didn’t give a damn about his peers , he was willing to sacrifice everyone safety for his own personal gains. The University acted accordingly, he should be grateful they did not put his ass out of school. All you folks who supported him and endorse his behavior and this type of irresponsibility, shame on you.

  3. I think that Howard needs to be just as strict with everyone and not just one person. I was a RA while I was there and I know for a fact that rules can be bent for the right person depending on their family affiliation.

    However, I am also concerned with security too. There were residents on my floor who had a stalkers that were Howard students. They were on a “no entry list” because of the restraining orders and in a situation where the side door is the new entrance – this would have been VERY unsafe!!!

  4. This young was advertising the sale of drugs on his social media and he posted the eviction letter which listed drug violation among others. Don’t waste not one more minute.

  5. Lets not be so quick to respond to social media until facts are revealed I served on dorm council we often used creative discipline but there are rules to follow living in the dorms just simply students have a responsibilty also

  6. Good discussion. I could see both viewpoints. I enrolled at Howard 45 Years ago. One thing that appears not to have progressed is the Administration. That is a reason why people were so readily willing to accept this guy’s sob sorry. The Administration should have told the whole story when the incident occurred.

  7. I’m so glad someone mentioned this guy’s history of selling drugs. He violated many rules and should have been kicked out of the dorm. My daughter lives on campus in the dorms and I think about her safety all of the time. Ignorant students doing dumb stuff like this and the administration’s response will send a clear message that dealing drugs on campus and opening emergency doors is unacceptable.

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