I LOVE My HBCU: Our Road Trip reaches Howard University

I LOVE My HBCU reaches the Capstone of education, Howard University in Washington, DC.
Register and participate in the effort that will result in donations for scholars at the HBCU of your choice.
Visit www.Drive4HBCU.com and test drive any Ford / Lincoln / Mercury at ANY dealership and a donation of $25 will be made by Ford Motor Co to the Tom Joyner Foundation. Ford is donating up to $250,000, so that’s 10,000 test drives between now and January 4, 2010.

The process is as follows:
1. Register online and download and print a registration certificate. The certificate should also be emailed.
2. Take the certificate to the dealership and complete the test Drive.
3. Dealer gives the consumer a dealership sales code and dealership name.
4. Consumer goes back to the www.drive4hbcu.com and inputs dealer code dealership and answers a few additional questions. Test Drive is then validated. Donation is made. $$$


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