Photos from Morgan State U Homecoming 2010

Visiting other School’s Homecoming is a lot of fun, and you definitely learn about the differences between school cultures. This year I was able to attend the festivities at Morgan State University. I was blessed to have 3 really good guides for my time on campus; shout out to Joe, Dave, and Will. The tailgate was full of free food and drinks, lots of music and curious views of all the HBCU pomp and circumstance in Morgan’s unique flavor. If I could design the perfect homecoming it would definitely include the hospitality suite aspect. Morgan open one of the classroom buildings to groups to host individual suite parties into the night after the yard festivities. That’s MORE food, drink, and reuniting.

These pictures barely scratch the surface.

Several good stories will also come out of this trip. Interviews, and a discussion about the makeover of the campus that included removing several historical frat and sorority plots. I can’t wait to dig into this one.

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