Ouch, they’re going in on twitter #welcometoVSU

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This is one of the reasons twitter is so off the chain. Real time commentary on topics of interest across geography, time, age, etc. So the topics are sometimes harsh, sometimes wonderful. Today welcome to Virginia State U, where…

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  1. sure….lots of non-HBCU’s will drop some serious cash and put forth great efforts to have a THE best “Black History” programs in one month [could they feel a sense of obligation/guilt???]….Historically….Black….[reportedly, the first land grant institution ran solely by black/brown people] that’s what VSU is…
    when I attended VSU, the students were pro-active….perhaps by next year, those who don’t feel that “Black History”….OURstory is being celebrated enough – do something about it…..BTW…..Dr. Edgar Toppin was one of VSU/VCU’s finest Professors with whom I had the pleasure of studying OURstory under; i would strongly suggest that students visit Mr. Edwards in the archives department on campus….perhaps the emphasis should be on that [first] and not just a month long show and tell event.

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