Roland Martin comments on the relevance of HBCU’s in the current economy

One of the biggest problems with HBCU’s is that graduates do not give back at all to their university and if they do give back it is in extremely small amounts. When you look at some of the larger institutions… their alumni base is strong.

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  1. I agree the alumni of HBCU’s must give more if we expect our schools to make it and go to the next level. Every alumni could at least give $100.00 dollars a year

  2. HBCUs need to do a better job of marketing themselves and engaging their alumni. Like the previous commenter stated, everyone should be able to give 100.00 a year. But besides that their are other ways to get alumni to donate money as well as the alum getting something of value back. How many folks go to Homecoming. ALOT! Engage them!

    I do not agree with getting rid of HBCUs. Some people need to see other blacks doing something with theirs lives to motivate them, That is what happen to me

  3. I agree also. We have people that are questioning the validity our HBCU and the quality of the educations we received. The economy is struggling (to say the lest) and this to has a impact on our schools. As alumni, we have got to start giving back to our schools. If you can go out and buy some expensive shoes, shades, clothes…etc., you can afford to donate a $100 a year to your school. Do wake up one day and realize HBCUs no longer exist!!!!

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