2009 Artists of The Year

When you think of music in  2009 what comes to mind? Is it Lady Gaga’s poker face (and crazy get ups) or do you think of the liberation Beyonce gives to all the single ladies.  No matter what you think, these artists come to mind.

Beyonce: What is not hot about her?

She has made being single something to celebrate, no matter how bad you want a man. Her album I AM…Sasha Fierce introduced fans to the other side of  the popstar, by the looks of it America is lovin’ Sasha Fierce!!! Not to mention, her worldwide tour got audiences out of their seats for hours straight.

Lady Gaga: Gaga Gaga, oh la la!!!  2009 was the year of Gaga.

With her hit album THE FAME and increased fan base, Lady Gaga sure has a lot to dance about at the closing of this year. Although her outfits are a little bizzare, she has talent, and America would agree with me. Her latest album  THE FAME MONSTER , released in late November, was just as impressive as the last. Keep bringin in 2010 Gaga.

Drake: Now for a boy that was previously Craig on Degrassi, he’s not half bad.

Let me stop lying, Drake is on point!!! From the beats to the lyrics Drake kept the radio stations blazin’ with his rhymes. He was able to get a hit song on the radio without the help of a label… that’s pretty impressive if i say so myself. America ate up his mix tape So Far Gone, and his album that he released later in the year.Since he has signed onto Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money,Drake can only go up from there.

Taylor Swift aka T-Swift: Taylor Swift is the perfect story of the country girl making it big.

Her lyrics really remind girls about the crush they had in high school, and the perfect love stories they would create in their minds about the “perfect boy”. With a number 1 album and countless awards under her belt (best female country artist, artist of the year, etc…) no one can hold her back. Not even Kanye West.

You’ve heard my picks for the best artists of 2009…hit me up to let me know yours.

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  1. I gotta give it to Drake.. He redefined music related “success” like Soulja Boy by commanding attention from the major labels with his own marketing and hype.. Dude did a country wide tour from a mixtape.. then sold the mixtape through a label and made even more doe.

    If he wasn’t a contender, Lady Gaga would’ve been my choice

  2. None of them. I give it to Hov. Imagine this year in music & culture without Blueprint 3, the song Empire State of Mind or his show at the Garden on 9/11 or performance at MTV awards.

    “N#$% stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it moving, n$%^ make the same ish, I gotta make the blueprint”

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