2010 Honda Battle of the Bands Footage


If you didn’t get to attend, here’s what available online so far in summary of the Honda Battle of the Bands 2010.


Southern U


VA State


North Carolina Central

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  1. I’m very concerned about individual reports about the behavior of The FAMU Marching 100 when they attend these out of town events. Is anything being done about the discipline of these students(thugs?).

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for posting, but for some strange reason I can’t view the video. Nothing is showing.
    Do have any idea why?

  3. Thanks for posting the videos, but as a Southern alumni, I would have liked to actually see how the Human Jukebox got down also.

  4. I came to the battle of the bands to see a good show and I was not dissapointed…with the exception of the lame tribute to Micheal Jackson. They usually save the best for last and The FAMU Marching 100 was clearly the best. Much respect to the other schools for trying to imitate “The Hundred” but there was no contest once they took the field!! Do It FAMU!!!! Alumni ’98

  5. Being a Southern Alum, I of course think that my Jaguars with the “S” on thier chests were the best. I grew up watching the Jukebox and after this weekend you know that the saying is true, “Put a quarter in the Jukebox and they will play whatever you want!!” I love to see them MARCH to make different words and shapes on the field and not RUN to make it like some others and we will not even get into the dance routines!! All I can say is one word-AWESOME!!! Let’s not forget the Beautiful Dancing Dolls! Just wonderful! I know that I am speaking like a true Loud and Proud Southern Grad but I love my school and everything about it!

  6. David sounds like someone that obviously could not make it into the hundred. No one has even heard of anything like this going on. Sight some references or info befoe you start a smear campaign!!!

  7. In my Opinion…Southern University “LIVED” Up to it’s Billing….”Often Imitated Never Duplicated”.On This Day, at this event, They were the Best Marching Band. Southern University Marching Band sets the “STANDARDS” by which “ALL” other Marching bands are Judged. The Marching JukeBox plays any tune better than the rest of the bands while marching in step, in straight lines and playing loud and clear, all at the same time. The Dancing Dolls are great dancers and beauftiful too.

  8. David: Please tell me what this has to do with this event. Whatever you heard was from years ago and you want to bring it up here for what reason. Get over it, you band sucks and you want to throw rocks at FAMU.

  9. Don’t hate the players, hate the game. Famu stole the show. I say the Michael Jackson tribute this year at FAMU. It was the BOMB. AWESOME JOB FAMU.
    1979 Alumni

  10. The FAMU performance was LAME, CHILDISH and a BIG waste of time! SU good show good sound. PV whateva! Virginia State, good sound, color guard much better than FAMU but the execution of the drill was horrible. Tuskeegee NO COMMENT!. NCCU was great until the dance routine went downhill from there. Classless and tasteless pointing at the young ladies back sides.

  11. Lets get a few things straight folks…First, you never, ever put your ax (instrument) on the ground. Any REAL band and band director knows this. Second, you should always maintain the same sound in concert formation standing still or while marching. Third, you must be able to play your instrument and dance at the same time if you’re not in the drumbreak of a song. Lastly and most important…the “rattle” is an up tempo “MARCH” whereas members are in step ….not “running” . E.F. – how can you call a tribute to M.J. and a call for help to HAITI a waste of time…check yourself!! The song was POISON, dont trust a big butt and a smile…RELAX its a song. David – You’re and Idiot. SU was good, lost sound while marching, VS nice sound while marching. Skegee-like the arrangement of the concert selection, however they over blow at times. PV- get rid of the towels you’re a band not a fan. NCCU, nice sound while moving through formations nice arrangement for POISON. I’m old skool HUNDRED, 81-84, they had some issues, you just have to be in it to know it. All in all “DA HUNDRED” took the show. Good sound through movement, good multiple formation and PAGENTRY with a MESSAGE.

    GI JOE fall 81′
    Z-28 Percussion Section

  12. All the bands were okay with the exception of Southern, Pravie View, and FAMU who were a little better. Good job!
    Southern was the best of the bunch, however they did better shows earlier in the season.
    FAMU was a bit junior high schoolish with the scrambles- please find a way to get from formation to formation without running. We did that in middle school! Also your arrangements sound like you bought them from a local white high school.

    P.V. Keep improving.

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