Backstage with Eric Roberson

On Saturday January 15th, I got the chance to go to the Eric Roberson and Algebra Concert at CenterStage Atlanta. Getting into a SOLD OUT show is a great feeling.. but nothing compared to the rush of being escorted backstage an hour before said show to kick it in the dressing room with the headliner. Me and Eric got a chance to kick it off camera for awhile like old friends although we had never officially met; but Howard will do that to you.. you embrace other alums like family. So after a few laughs and maneuvering the space heaters accordingly so we could stay warm without coats and scarfs, we started chopping it up on film. We started thing off with a convo about one of his songs and videos “STILL”.

After that, we got into his success as an independent artist and how he is using Social Media to catapult his own career. He said he runs all of his own social sites, so if you answer to his emial list, @ him on Twitter or request him on Facebook, its really him. Ironically enough, during the show, he told a story about a 7 year old girl who emailed him and his response to her dream gift to be able to go to an Eric Roberson concert.

I don’t want to downplay Algebra, but I spent so much time behind stage rapping with Eric and saving my memory card space for a great performance from him that I didn’t get much of her recorded. I will say that she was very entertaining and had a beautiful voice. If you ever get the chance to see either of them in concert, you will not be disappointed.

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