Possibly the Best Rapper Interview to Date: Method Man

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  1. This interview is just as ignorant as any other rapper interview! I hate how he disses Shondra the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and thinks that The Wire is a better representation of black hollywood. Seriously!

  2. LOL! Learn African History, huh? What the heck are you talking about, P?

    There are a few REASONS I listed this as the best rapper interview ever. The main reason is that the hostess is not afraid to challenge the opinions/views/excuses that are typical in rapper interviews. She even takes it as far as to correct Mr. Meth when he provides an uninformed view. This type of active thinking and pushing the line of questioning allowed real opinions to be discussed. They both remained IN THE MOMENT, rather than revert to the canned crap we normally hear.

    For a culture in that has been so far from accountable for its influence and effects, this is one interview with a refreshing twist.

    Thats what’s up.

    Be More

  3. You neo conversative boule, negros can not identify with what you have not experienced and it is such a travesty.

  4. Again…the truth shall set US free….very open honest relevant interview…Method Man spoke from his own understanding and broke off some knowledge for those wise enough to listen….not just hear!

    Brian Phoenix

  5. I agree with Be More!! I was refreshing to see an interviewer knowledgable, street, and fearless enough to ask the tough questions! She had that Ed Bradley “let’s get to it” spirit!! Kudos to Meth for being true to himself and his ideals as well!! More interviews like this may spark more dialogue about where we are and aren’t in the hip hop community and the national community as well!!

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