Can Hampton beat Duke?

You get your bracket and fill it out. Lets face it, the easiest pick is the number 1 seed beating the 16. It’s a no brainer. But one day, David will sleigh Goliath. Is this the year?

Which brings us to little Hampton University. The Pirates will lineup, toe to toe with the giants of the ACC and college basketball. Yes, one would think the Blue Devils will have a cake walk with the little MEAC school, but crazy things happen in the tournament. Back in 2001, Hampton shocked the college basketball world when the Pirates, a 15 seed knocked off number 2 seed Iowa State. Hampton is just one of 4 teams seeded 15 to knock off a number 2. So history is on the side of the Pirates.

But will history repeat itself Friday when the Pirates play the Blue Devils? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if Hampton gives Duke a great game. How is that possible? The big thing Duke has to guard against is the post ACC tournament hangover. Teams that make it to the championship game normally get off to a slow start in the NCAA tournament. Will the intensity be there for Duke? Yes, Hampton won the MEAC championship, but this will be the biggest game many of the Pirates will eve play, so they will be ready.

Remember one thing about this Hampton team. They can shoot. Kwame Brown, Darrion Pellum and Brandon Tunnell can shoot. Brown has the green light to shoot from just about anywhere on the court and is comfortable shooting beyond the NBA three point arc. If Hampton can block out the big distractions that come with playing in the big dance, than they may just have a shot at making history and pulling off the big upset.

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