Cle’s Quickies: The World Just Got A Little Less Funny – RIP Bernie Mac

The World Just Got A Little Less Funny. Those were the words of George Clooney when he was informed that Bernie Mac had passed away.

In the analogs of today’s comedians, Bernie Mac rates just behind Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx.

Most of us were introduced to Bernie Mac on Def Jam. When I first saw him in his Cross Colours jeans and Gordon Gartrelle shirt, I was a little skeptical. Then immediately he took control of the crowd and had every brother bragging the next day how they were “hung low” and “blessed”.

Bernie Mac gave you belly laughs reminiscent of Saturday mornings at the barber shop or a family reunion where your drunken uncles are cracking back and forth. His brand of comedy also personified the ability to turn painful situations around through laughter.

He often spoke of his rough experiences as a black man and the frustrations of parenting which made his comedy universal. On his sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show” he often turned to the camera and talked to “America” about these very issues and gave direction on how to be the king of your household. He was brash. He was bold and he wasn’t scared of you muthaf*ckers…..KICK IT!

Few comedians have the ability to be funny in everything they do. Whether it was the movie stealing performance in Kings of Comedy or his supporting role of Jing-Lang in Life, he has the ability to put a smile on your face.

A wise man once said that “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” Well on Saturday, the world got a little bit colder.

Cool Cle

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