Eric Roberson – “She”

Check out Eric Roberson’s latest video release, “She”, off his latest album “Music Fan First.”

Congrat’s to E and his whole team on their 2nd Grammy nomination. Well done folks.

Eric Roberson – Himself
Caryn Ward – Love Interest

Directed by: Rolando Sanchez
Cinematographer: Pedro Avila Cross
Produced by: Sandra Varona from Varona Productions
Edited by: Carlos Berrios
Assistant Director: Francisco Ordonez
Steadicam Operator: Jerry Franck
Production Designer / Still Photography: Michelle Millan
Production Coordinator: Jackie Quinones

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  1. Love it! Man it is so rare to hear “real music” these days. This song is very refreshing. The video is great as well. I love to see positive images of black men expressing their love for black women. Great job!!!

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