What are Your Thoughts on “Heavy”?

Eleven 1-hour episodes document the incredible journeys of 22 obese people who must lose weight or face devastating consequences. Unlike other weight loss series, “Heavy” is not a competition or stunt, but is rooted in the incredible real life day-to-day journeys of the participants during a lengthy treatment program.

In the premiere episode, viewers meet Tom and Jodi, both 37 from Houston, TX, and learn why they are heavy and how they must reverse their lifestyles or die. Tom was the star of his high school football team, but when he dropped out his depression caused him to steadily gain weight. Now, at 5-foot-9 and 638 pounds, Tom suffers from a myriad of issues including sleep apnea, edema and the inability to sleep more than two hours. He is desperate to get his life back before he loses it permanently. Having recently suffered a stroke, Jodi, 5-foot-6 and 363 pounds, is at a critical juncture with her health. Her heaviness prevents her from keeping up with her husband and two children and from her favorite pastime, singing with her brothers in a band.

The group of 22 participants, ages 20-59, started the program between 240 and 630 pounds and collectively lost more than 2,440 pounds, with half of the participants shedding more than 30% of their body mass and losses between 63 to 173 pounds.

Heavy is on A&E

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  1. I like the show because unlike other shows, the participants don’t stay on “the ranch” for the entire duration of their body overhaul. They spend the first 30 days at the retreat, learning how to shop for food, workout routines and ways to relieve stress. They are then given a trainer at their local gym back home. This forces them to deal with real life, bills, kids, work, etc while still checking in for the next 5 months of the program.

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