Hip Hop will be the voice of the 2010 World Cup

K’naan , the Somalian-born, Canadian-based hip-hop artist speaks out whenever he can about the “unity and celebration” that will connect with his song “Wavin’ Flag,” after it had been chosen as the official anthem of Coca-Cola’s 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa program.

Music Element Throughout 2010 World Cup

What the song would be was one of the best-kept secrets. The buzz around K’naan already started building in early 2009 when Kanye West ( believe it or not) gave the rapper a punt when he posted the video of K’naan’s song “America” on his massively followed blog.

K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” will be used as the music element throughout the entire 2010 World Cup campaign and as the soundtrack on all global TV commercials for soccer greatest soccer spectacle, which will take place in South Africa next summer during June and July. “Wavin’ Flag will also be played at events for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola which is now underway, and will be featured on the online digital platform for the World Cup.

“Wavin Flag: The Celebration Mix” – a World Cup Anthem

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  1. Cool… Hip Hop has been continuously growing all over the world. It’s no longer common to hear something like it… It would also attract young men and women who are following hip hop into the beautiful game…

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