[Good Listen] Jay Z Decoded Interview on Howard Stern Show

[audio: http://audio.hiphopdx.com/20101115-JayZ_Howard_Stern_Interview-HHDX.mp3]

Jay Z talks with Howard Stern and Robyn on the eve of the release of his book Decoded. He discusses the book, the absence of his father, meeting Oprah and more. I found the inside look to be what fans want to hear, but come on Howard, let the man answer! You interviewing yourself for half the show. Enjoy it.

Microsoft put up $1M in marketing capital to push the book setting up a game on their search engine Bing leaving clues all around the city. This jacket in the window of the Gucci store has a lining imprinted with excerpts of the book. Its a 1 to 1, don’t bother looking in stores.

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