Sade’s Fireside Interview on “Soldier of Love”


WHEN a man from a radio station asked Sade what she had been doing in the 10 years between albums, she told him, “I’ve been in a cave, and I just rolled the boulder out of it.”

On Songwriting

“…you have to make it onto something that evokes the feeling that evoke the same feeling you got when it came to you. You have to take it to another level.”


Operating by Fooling Herself

“I have to make some kind of a commitment…”


Allowing R&B to be out of the Box

“I think we maybe opened the door for R&B to be out of the box…. You can only do best what you would naturally do yourself.”



“Melancholy is quite healthy is its used artistically…”


On Musical References

“You have to use the words that you know, but I’m quite paranoid about anything sounding like anything…”


On the Song “Bring Me Home”

“Inside the sadness there is sunshine. Its a song about giving yourself up and letting go of the pain.”


Song “Bring Me Home”


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  1. i find this album to have a very spirtual undertone, by listeneing to her music there is a stability i always find love, god, strength and pain. Isnt that what life is? Sade is living life, and growing in the process which to me is the most important thing. she gives us just enough music to get by….Cant wait to see her July2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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