Celtics Win!

Celtics Win the NBA Championship defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games.

12:04AM EST at the AlumniRoundup.com Headquarters game party.

We watched Paul Pierce raise his Finals MVP trophy overhead in an emotional display. Watching a group of likable characters (Rivers, Pierce, Garnett, Allen) all outplay the giant, and achieve their goals together was great.

Watching Paul raise that trophy the phrase comes to mind…

“Damn it feels good to see people up on in!”

Let the comments begin…

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  1. I am happy for KG and the boys. Garnett,Pierce,and Allen have been playing for so long and are so deserving of winning the championship. Doc Rivers did an excellent job of coaching. Kobe did his thing, but I am not a Kobe fan.

  2. Back to glory ! At last ! The best team with the best record, is the NBA CHAMPS! Let’s go Celtics!!!

  3. They gave the Lakers an interrogation-style beating (i.e. Like they stole somethin’)!

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