March Madness: So how’s your bracket looking?

The Sweet Sixteen will resume on Thursday, so the question of the week in offices, gyms, strip clubs, barbershops and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is “How’s your bracket looking?” Did anyone (not from my namesake) have Cleveland St beating Wake Forest? Did anyone have any long shots picked correctly? I think I got my Arizona winning two games right (almost by default because I was expecting Wake Forest to win then choke once again.)

This year’s Sweet Sixteen appears to be “Chalk City”. Cinderella has left the building and is back mopping up floors for her evil sisters. This is the first time in awhile that I can remember all the 1-3 seeds still standing in the Sweet Sixteen.
Que the Elton John:

So as we all reevaluate our brackets, it’s all about the Big East. This can possibly be an all Big East final four……..WHEN THE EAST IS IN THE HOUSE YOU BETTER COME EQUIP!!!!!!!! Uh Oh!

    1. Louisville
    2. UCONN
    3. PITT
    4. Syracuse

Can’t wait for Thursday night……….!

As a little bonus, I give to you the NCAA Tournament All Porn Team I saw on another blog
Fourth Team All-Tournament:
Danny Peters, G, Ohio State
Brandon Shingles, G, Morehead State
Pooh Williams, G-F, Utah State
Caleb Shockman, F, North Dakota State
John Long, F, Morgan State

Third Team All-Tournament:
Demontez Stitt, G, Clemson
Menji Mundadi, G, Alabama State
Nolan Cox, F, Oklahoma State
Dee Proby, F, West Virginia
Lucas Moormann, C, North Dakota State

Second Team All-Tournament:
Jerry Stangline, G, Alabama State
Keyron Sheard, G, Chattanooga
Storm Warren, F, LSU (perhaps more a movie’s title than its co-star)
Franck Ndongo, F, Virginia Commonwealth
Idong Ibok, C, Michigan State

First Team All-Tournament:
Lee Cummard, G, BYU
Humpty Hitchens, G, Akron
Lucas O’Rear, F, Northern Iowa
Wayne Chism, F, Tennessee
Alexis Wangmene, F-C, Texas

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  1. Cle, looks like the Final Four may be a rehash of the Big East Tourney with possibility of the Tarheels joining the party. Reminds me of the "Old Days" when G'Town, St. John's (Redmen) Nova, Providence, S'cuse dominated college basketball in the mid 80's. But no matter where you were from, G'Town was the team.

  2. Cle, man my bracket was all messed up. Hopefully my final four will stay true to form NC, Pitt, UCONN, MSU.

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