Venus Williams “lingerie” styled tennis outfit. Too much?

USA’s Venus Williams shocked fans with her revealing attire as she mopped up Switzerland’s Patty Schnyder during their first round match of the French Open at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris, May 23, 2010

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  1. DEFINITELY!!! With a black lace tennis panty, probably okay. The style is still not flattering but that’s just my opinion. BUT, with the little flesh colored nylon short?! Come on Venus you know better than this. That is pushing the envelope a little bit too far!!!

  2. I’m with you Tirani. Definitely pushing it a lil too far…not to mention not flattering. Not cute, not cute at all. Of course I understand that part is a matter of taste…but why not keep the focus on how awesome an athlete you are?

  3. I love you, T, but I disagree! She is in Europe’s fashion capital and paying homage to one of France’s most famous institutions! You and I both know that nipplage and panty shots are the norm in tennis — this outfit shows LESS that the majority of those worn on the circuit today.

    Plus, as a brother, I LOVE it when a sister displays her ASS-ets!! 🙂

  4. well i am just glad she had some drawls on bcuz at first glance i thought i was staring at her butt for real.. but i think that it could have been done better.. someone should have suggested a pushup for the bra part …in my humble opinion

  5. @ Me and @ Jill. I thought the outfit was a lot cuter when I saw it on some other site. It appeared to be a black lace corset with a black lace skirt. My reaction was “different…but ok.” Then I saw these pics. I agree @me that the top is not the most figure flattering for her.

  6. I thought the outfit was cute when I thought the skirt part was “nailed down”. Totally agree Tirani – pushing the envelope. This is supposed to be a family sporting event, not a fashion show and certainly not something you should or need to show off every curve. Lets concentrate on the SPORT not be distracted by what they are wearing! Pathetic!

  7. She can wear whatever she wants until the Tennis Association creates a uniformity rule… until then she is just expressing herself as beautiful, confident Black woman.. Go’head Venus.. try to convince your sister to try this on.. I’d love to see those pics too : )

  8. I think its dope.
    Very smart, and apparently effective given the resultant internet buzz.

    Self promoters who can REALLY perform rule the media.

    Muhammad Ali, T.O., Chad, Shaq…

    Roundup Rendezvous Miami AKA “Power Weekend” Hosted by Will “Power” Packer, featuring Idris Elba, Mekhi Phifer, DJ Vince Adams, DJ Neaux, Roundup Russy, Light, Chris Fitness, Scott Parker, AKA Tito and more…. WILL BE AMAZING THIS YEAR!!!

  9. @Be and @Russy
    when u have daughters who play tennis and want to wear this outfit..let’s chat..i think the convo will be much different

  10. First Impression-WTF?? A joke-Mocking the status quo-what 4
    Out of character for Venus
    Second impression: Publicity stunt-if trying to start a new line of lady “play” clothes by Venus
    Final tast- like an off target joke-flat soda pop

  11. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    She looks great in them – for a fashion shoot or bedroom games or somesuch. But not on the tennis court.

  12. Please half of you posters prolly could not even FIT into this outfit so give me a break.

    She looks amazing and the fact that she had skin toned tight sorts underneath covered everything. Nothing was revealing that you do not already see on the court – the only difference here is she wore black lace. No one bitched when the little white girl wore tight pink thongs underneath her skirt. Get real your mad because a BLACK WOMAN did this.

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