Tavis Smiley & Cornel West Join Forces for New Public Radio Program

Two of America’s most influential and provocative public figures, broadcaster Tavis Smiley and Princeton professor Cornel West have joined forces to co-host a new radio program – Smiley & West – this fall. Building on Tavis’ current popular radio show The Tavis Smiley Show, Smiley & West will integrate their professional and personal relationship to explore contemporary, cutting-edge issues.

The weekly hour-long program will air on Public Radio International (PRI) affiliates nationwide. Each week Smiley & West will begin with Tavis and Dr. West discussing the news of the day, including current affairs, politics and culture. The duo will play particular attention to those stories that are not being discussed in the mainstream media, but deserve examination. The second segment of the show called “Take ‘Em to Task” will allow listeners to directly engage with Tavis and Dr. West about any issue they may disagree with the hosts on. Visit www.smileyandwest.com for more information and details about how to join Smiley & West.

The final half-hour of the program is a conversation between Tavis, Dr. West and a special guest to the show. New York Times columnist Frank Rich and comedian, actor and writer Garry Shandling will be among the guests to appear on the first episodes of the program. Future guests will include celebrities, politicians, intellectuals and other newsmakers.

“Many of America’s most important discussions aren’t necessarily happening in the boardroom or between the pundits on cable television,” West said. Rather they’re happening at BBQs, cocktail parties, barbershops, and salons between real people. With this new endeavor, Smiley & West, Tavis and I hope to really tap into the concerns of everyday people.”

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