The ALT: FKi Mixtape Blue Steel Mixtape

Today’s Mixtape for those who are about to go crazy from the Snow Bukkake of 2010

The Snow Bukkake of 2010 has been an unexpected hiatus from my button-down corporate life into a much-needed creative-crazy-cool cocoon. In this time I’ve been designing, coding, plotting and doing. I’ve also been discovering what other like-minds have been doing. A once native of Atlanta, I’m now sort of missing the hot city after becoming a fan of the Greedmont Park blog. With topics ranging from art history, music, career sex/love and fashion, the Greedmont community has different and refreshing perspective on these usually rote topics. This morning, they have offered a mixtape I’ll be listening to while I pixel push and code matrix-mathematics. Listen. Let me know what you think of the mix.

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